Disquiet Junto 0385 Audubonus Instrumentum

When the Junto arrived, I imagined a sort of bird from speculative fiction.

Jorge Luis Borges writes in his compendium Book of Imaginary Beings about the musicians of Simurgh and their avian backing tracks.

The Bodgy Budgie breed of birds so substantially cornered and dominated the market in caged rhythms that the term ‘pigeonholed’ came into their music vernacular.

The backlash led many jams in Simurgh to be agitated by artificial means, as an aid to improvisation.

Some musicians explored their felines and Bassling popularised ‘dropping a cat among the pigeons’ – or, as it became simply known, The Drop.

"Sometimes a few birds, a horse, have saved the ruins of an amphitheater." — Jorge Luis Borges

When I realized

naviarhaiku279 – Ripples on water

Naviar Records shared one of my recent haiku and I took the opportunity to record a chord progression I've been playing on the ukulele.

You can hear it's been gated and glitched, which seemed a way to interpret the image of light reflecting on water.

I considered filming dawn on a water channel, but the mornings aren't always as colourful as I'd like.

Most mornings in Leeton have a rather muted dawn as there are few clouds to reflect the rising sunlight.

So I've drawn a visual parallel with another sort of colour breaking in the sky and also included the shimmer of light reflecting on water.

Facing Monsters

Single from the forthcoming album by Tralala Blip

Make your art like a dog

This is why I like creative constraints.

There's less to worry about what could be, and more focus on what can be.