Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Bread robot

My bread machine was kneading dough on the weekend and I thought the rhythm was interesting, so I recorded it. Then I listened back and thought it was less interesting, so I decided to convert it to MIDI in Ableton Live.

Naviarhaiku 152 - Fading light

Last weekend I was trying different chords on the ukulele, when I found a couple that made me think of disco.

Then I started humming and wondered what sort of lyrics would go with it. I settled on something a bit codependent, along the lines of “hold me close, hold me tight, I couldn’t dream without you, I couldn’t sleep at night.”

At first I wasn't sure it suited the theme of the haiku shared by Naviar Records this week, but I think it does capture a similar sentiment.

After finishing the Junto, I thought I’d better try recording my ukulele riff as it’s hard to remember song ideas sometimes. I set up the Rode NT4, as well as putting the VideoMic on the camera. Neither got my voice very clearly but I thought that might be better.

When I opened the recordings in Ableton Live, I could hear my foot stomping and decided to put a four-on-the-floor kick underneath. Then I remembered Pepe Deluxe’s beaut track ‘Girl’ and thought it had a 303 riff but, as you can hear in the video below, it doesn’t.

Disquiet Junto 0257 Remember Noisevember

The Junto this week looked like a process, with this image:

It brought to mind Stuart Hall's influential essay Encoding, decoding and I set about recording myself reading the introduction.

Then I took my voiceover into Ableton Live, where I had it encode a simple part played by the Massive VST synth using the Vocoder effect.

To keep it interesting I added bass and drums that were recorded late last year.

Selected Ambient Covers Vol. II

Unsound Unsound review

Revisited this RealTime review of Unsound 2006 earlier today and was stung again, nearly a decade later, by this line:
First stop is an inspection of Alan Lamb’s aeolian harp at the Pindari property; although this work is heard to much better affect aboard the Loco Motivus when we listen remotely by CB radio to a live wind-and-wire broadcast. 
 As you can see in the video below, it wasn't the wind playing 'the wires', it was my partner Jo and I.