Moog Labyrinth

That price took the wind out of my GAS 

Disquiet Junto 0653 Break a Rule

The Disquiet Junto project this week asks participants "Stop doing something you always do."

As a longtime contributor to the Junto, I have shared so much of my life in various recordings.

If you were to go through previous projects you'd find everything from making my favourite dish (kimchi) through to having a bath and also making love.

There really isn't much that I haven't already tried and shared with the Disquiet community!

I arrived at the idea of not contributing to the Junto this week, however it seemed as though that would go without notice if I didn't record something for the prompt.

So I've arrived at the idea of sharing an update on a recent activity that's taken me in a different direction and have decided that I won't publish it on the forum where contributors are encouraged to share.

Stop and listen

naviarhaiku547 – night deepening…

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week prompted me to try and remember warm nights, as it's been cold here.

As for the video, it's another that I downloaded from for a different project and was available on my desktop.

The music piece

Disquiet Junto 0652 By the Tale

The Disquiet Junto project this week is to "Set a favorite story to music."

My partner suggested that I should use my Totem Story, which I wrote last year and like a lot but it got a mixed reaction from the judges of a competition.

(They thought it was inappropriate for me to write from a First Nations' perspective, which I can understand is not my experience to represent even if it is historical fiction.)

Anyway, recently I've been playing with the M-Tron Pro VST and used it for all the instrumentation except the drums.

I was aiming for a sense of uncertainty, as well as incorporating a human voice and obviously the organ is there for the religious moments.

The video came from and was something I had on hand that seemed to suit the music, although it has nothing to do with the story.

I dare say


naviarhaiku546 – The figure of a man

The haiku shared by Naviar Records reminded me of this video I downloaded from Archive recently, while I was looking for sirens to use in a Junto project.

It features a man addressing a different sort of storm and offered a good challenge to remix the material into a song.

Roland down the road

Buckle up, I reckon it'll be a bump ride!

Disquiet Junto 0651 Why Compute?

For the Disquiet Junto this week I've ramped up the chance in the Random effect for MIDI.

It was my response to this week’s prompt:

proposed by George E. Lewis, musician, music theorist, music professor at Columbia University, and artistic director of the International Contemporary Ensemble. Lewis is the composer-in-residence at this year’s Musikfestival Bern.

Lewis asks, “Why do we want our computers to improvise?”

This week’s project: record a piece of music that responds in some way to Lewis’ question.

I often use the Random effect, as it adds little variations to the loops I make.

Today I ramped the effect up to 100% and found that Ableton Live's onboard instruments started to crap themselves.

So I sent the information out to my Roland Boutique rack and recorded the results.

Dunno, weirdly it doesn't seem so unpredictable.

Maybe I should've shifted a few more parameters?