Still reigning


Back when I decided to stop uploading tracks to Soundcloud, I started filming toasted sandwiches as a way to share music on Youtube.

This is my latest jam.

Disquiet Junto 0351 Selected Insomniac Works Volume II

This week the Junto asks participants to work with a track from last week's Selected Insomniac Works.

I listened to a few responses before settling on Sevenism's 'midnight solo (falling leaf)'

I was hoping for one of those Aphex Twin-style deceptively simple piano pieces, so I could add my upright electric bass that I've been playing a lot lately.

I was probably in the mood for Mr Twin because Marc couldn't help but make the Junto this week a play on the title of his ambient albums.

Music was better

naviarhaiku246 – a ladder

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week reminded me of a drum journey.

When I lie down and listen to drumming, it often leads me to climb a tree to meet a spirit guide.

I don't like the sound of those drums

Disquiet Junto 0350 Selected Insomniac Works

The Junto this week asks for music to treat insomnia.

Fortunately I've done a lot of recent research into this phenomena and know that what I like is to hear something soothing.

The sounds come from a Kawai GMega run through a Line6 delay pedal and a Waldorf Streichfett.

Viewer discretion is advised