People say

Disquiet Junto 0431 Solitary Ensembles x 3 (second stab)

Had a go at another trio.

I just saw a man

Disquiet Junto 0431 Solitary Ensembles x 3

For the Disquiet Junto this week I've joined Krakenkraft and DeDe for the 'Virtual Berlin School Trio,' adding a 707 drum part.

My drum machine is augmented with a triggered Jomox bass drum, distortion on the snare and stereo chorus on the high hat.

I'd considered joining this track last week, but the flac file was an extra step in the recording process which discouraged me.

Bravo Henrietta

Ambient relay

Recently I joined an "ambient relay," where each participant contributed to two tracks.

This asynchronous collaboration crossed the finish line today and is now on Bandcamp.

I've been involved with various relays and appreciate they all have different approaches.

At first I thought we'd only be listening to the contribution of the person ahead of us, then realised that was an assumption from other processes.

You can see in this graphic how the process was designed for each participant to build on the previous collaborator.

I find myself a bit irritated that some of the more textural sounds sit in the foreground of the mix, but enjoyed the prompt to develop new work and explore a different practice.

You said you were self-isolating

naviarhaiku325 – true tranquillity

I've been missing the sea, so the haiku shared by Naviar Records this week stirred me.

Me restarting the song

Sounds from the global lockdown

I've contributed to a couple of Cities and Memory's projects this year

Recently they published #StayHomeSounds and I shared a recording from my porch.

It features galahs rousing at dawn and the song of the pied butcherbirds who visit around the start of autumn and spring.

When I posted the link on a local Facebook page, I got this nice comment.

Stop that awful music

Disquiet Junto 0430 Solitary Ensembles x 2 (slight return)

I've tried joining another Junto trio, this time Morgulbee's 'Anti - Viral Blues' with a drum part.

My timing slips a bit, which is a shame because I really enjoyed the techno feels for this song.

Guess it needed a drum machine.

When the bassline is so sick

Disquiet Junto 0430 Solitary Ensembles x 2

The Junto this week adds a second player to our asynchronous trio.

I've chosen to add drums to Detritus Tabu's track 'Feeling Pretty Psyched' because it was, in part, an opportunity to record my brand new secondhand drumkit.

The audio and video files are available for a third member of the trio.

Fender bender

Disquiet Junto 0429 Solitary Ensembles

This week’s Junto project is the first in a sequence intended to invite, encourage, and reward collaboration. You will be recording something with the understanding that it will remain unfinished for the time being.

For the Junto I've revisited drums recorded earlier this year because I find that instrument to be the way I start many tracks.

You can download the audio or video for the Junto collaboration.