Disquiet Junto 0339 Rude Mechanicals

The Disquiet Junto this week asks participants to realise the genre Rude Mechanical.

I've revisited a video that Youtube took down earlier this year, presumably because it's too rude.

My most popular Disquiet video was a remixed smack three years ago, see Three Of A Kind.

Eno playing for Peanuts

By poppinuts

naviarhaiku234 – when the cicadas cease

It wasn't the voice of the pine that spoke to me when I saw the haiku shared by Naviar Records this week, rather a piece of River Red Gum.

My friend Hape Kiddle of Bidgee Studio gave it to me to develop a work for the Fragments exhibition in Narrandera next month.

First thing I did was tap it and found a variety of tones.

Second thing I did was atached a contact microphone and record a couple of takes of taps.

The result here is two takes layered together with some processing like delay.

Walking bass line

Seen here

naviarhaiku231 – men, women

The haiku last week reminded me of a dance track I hadn't finished.

It was a track in need of a video though.

There was a sandwich filmed and waiting to be edited.

That took a bit longer than planned.