naviarhaiku517 – Early dawn’s pale light


The haiku shared by Naviar Records had a line about a "gentle start to the day" and the weather has been warming up here.

It's heading toward a maximum of 40 and that gentle moment feels brief, as the sunlight begins to bite from the first direct beam.

So I tried to convey a sense of the day being brighter than expected.

Disquiet Junto 0622 Know the Shadow


The Disquiet Junto assignment asks "How do you depict a shadow in sound?"

It prompted a few thoughts for me, starting with the line that The Shadow knows the evil that lurks in hearts of men.

Then I reflected on the way shadow blocks light and thought it'd be interested if the sounds came from the edges, so I explored panning and tilting and compression artefacts.

Finally I realised that I had an example of shadowboxing if I used the two takes I'd recorded on the drums.

Guitar players on laundry day


Disquiet Junto 0621 The Leftovers

The Junto prompt arrived as I was wondering if I had useful bits from recording last weekend. 

 That session built on the drums I'd played for the recent 0619 project, but felt like I was cheating since I didn't use material from another contributor. 

So that became a Naviar track and now this feels like the material has returned to the Disquiet fold. 

Last night I took an alternative drum performance (notably it lacked the triplet part), as well as two ukulele recordings and added them to the bass part. 

Then this morning I edited out one bit that didn't seem to gel, so there's a little jump but it probably blends in with the other edits.

I'm here to tune your guitar


naviarhaiku515 – Last bloom before autumn


The haiku shared by Naviar this week was an opportunity to jam with myself.

While the seasonal reference didn't gel with the summer temperatures we've been having in Leeton, the line about a sibling did -- since I'd recently spoken with mine.