Disquiet Junto 0524 Sunset Waveform


The Disquiet Junto activity this week asks for an interpretation of this sunset photograph as a waveform.

I saw a guitar in the image, as it reminded me of the many variations there are on this idea of the instrument in the silhouette of trees.

So I recorded a couple of takes using the gated guitar rig and tried to keep in mind the shape of the treeline.

There are a number of inputs all triggered by the guitar, through its pickups and the MIDI and the Submarine pickup on the lower strings.

It’s largely a single take, although I added a little reverb in post.

Disquiet Junto 0521 Cannon Canon

I've gone on a tangent but it was fun and gave me a reason to try recording at different frame rates.

Disquiet Junto 0520 On the Clock


Recorded this song earlier in the week and it felt close, but not complete.

When I started I thought I'd edit the shape a bit, but as I listened it seemed to have a good structure.

There were definitely bits where the drums needed to drop out though and it took a while to consider filtering them out.

Then I added some reverb and delay for movement, before trying to add effects for a similar visual result.

Great to see Mary