Naviarhaiku129 - I saw prisoners

The Naviar haiku this week offers an image in which the prisoners seem to be contrasted against the wildflowers.

My response draws on recordings made on the road outside my home.

While it doesn't feature wildflowers, it does include a kind of prisoners in the form of my kids taking the bus to school.

These recordings were made for a recent Junto project but weren't used in it. The same morning I experimented with recording with my waterproof camera in puddles and the flowing gutters.

It's been a wet winter and I'm also commenting on how the weather makes me a prisoner in my home. I guess it's not so bad though, as I get to light a fire and make music.

The music shares with an earlier Junto the idea of making a rhythm from short loops. I exaggerated the lower frequencies to get a kick drum sound from a water drop.

Naviarhaiku128 - Evening slight return

Here's the bassline that inspired a previous Naviar Haiku track, which ended up with an orchestra.

I really love the woody tone my cheap Ashton bass gets from the neck pickup with the flatwound strings. Not many basses have neck pickups, which is one reason why I use this bass guitar as much as I do.

Another reason is it's semi-acoustic, which means I can pick it up and hear ideas quickly. And the flatwound strings are great when I'm out of practice because my fingers don't need thick callouses to run up and down the fretboard.

You can also hear I've doubled the guitar part and panned it to the sides with delay. There's also a bit of reverb all round.

Naviarhaiku128 - Evening light

Another beaut haiku via Naviar Records this week.

I took it as an opportunity to record a bassline I'd been riffing on for the the last week or so. Then I got distracted.

First I thought I'd add chords behind it and when I started figuring them out I realised my bassline broke key. Then I recorded the revised chords as MIDI and started experimenting with orchestral instruments, and decided my bassline would be too busy for the track I'd arranged.

So the track here is one version of the tune. I might yet record the bassline over the weekend.

Naviarhaiku127 - Ink-black birds scatter

I really adore the haiku shared by Naviar Records this week.

For a while I considered what sort of instrumentation would convey the sense of birds taking flight. I also considered recording a new version of my song Raucous Chorus, which was written about the galahs I hear most days.

There are a few different birds in my part of the world but not so many during winter. I'd admired the cockatoos while visiting Narrandera recently, which is on the Murrumbidgee River. My town isn't, so we don't see them.

The instrument that I thought would convey the squawk of galahs didn't seem right to suggest the graceful idea of flight. So in the end I decided to record the birds as the flew around my suburb one morning. You can also hear the distinctive 'laugh' of a kookaburra near the start.