Disquiet Junto 0585 F9

When I saw the prompt to fastforward a piece, I thought it'd work best with a very slow track.

The slowest track I have is the 10bpm track from Junto 299, then I noticed a couple of beats at 83 (397) and 84 (429).

My track ended up at 90bpm.

There was a bit of pitch adjustment in Ableton Live, but I decided to push through with the idea.

Not sure what happened in the bit where the drums both drop out.

DIY Limiter


naviarhaiku479 – Summer night

The haiku shared by Naviar Records prompted me to layer the takes from a recent recording session.

Billy no

Disquiet Junto 0584 Generations

The Junto prompt this week stirred a lot of thought about music I liked when I was younger.

In the end I'd repurposed a piece of music from countless childhoods and brought to it an instrument that stirred a child-like wonder for me. 

I also reflected on sequenced and performed music.

My idea was to create a separate but complementary piece that ran independent, then I noticed afterwards how I'd adjusted the number of bars to suit the sequenced music from the clock.

I forgot 3-03 day

Vocal mixing


Disquiet Junto 0583 Wall to Wall

The Disquiet Junto assignment this week is to "Use a building as a filter."

It's kinda hot at home this weekend and I've a lot of work to do, so I wasn't sure I would have time to record a piece.

Then I remembered an earlier Junto that involved recording from an adjacent room, as well as another that imagined a doorbell.

While I was looking for those, I found a couple of Junto that involved another sort of muffled approach in wearing cotton gloves.

Anyway, it all sort of made sense at the time, so I made a remix from my tracks for Juntos 115, 174, 253 and 289.

Disquiet Junto 0582 X Techno

After seeing the Junto prompt, I went looking for a sample to manipulate and found a video of my youngest from our visit to Canberra in 2019. 

That trip featured in a couple of Juntos around then and I’ve used this material elsewhere. 

The title is a pun too, since Sunday suggests relaxed but also “son day” techno. 

I knew the percussive instrument could be pitched down to create a kick, which is the foundation of the genre. 

Going for a relaxed feel, I opted for a slower tempo and a bit of dub-style tape delay. 

The video was edited in Ableton Live along with the audio.