Disquiet Junto 0315 First Chair

The Junto this week asks for the first part of a trio.

I recorded a bass part at 81 BPM.

It starts E D C, then E G D. Then arpeggios through E G D C, I think.

There’s a bit that holds A B7 D, then it goes through the arpeggios again.

You can download this part here

Naviarhaiku209 – I am all ears

The haiku shared by Naviar Records this week led me to think of rice and listening.

As a result I went back to the folder of music from Ceylon that was part of the Disquiet Junto's Three Princes project, which I also used to make music for a toasted sandwich with weed and leftover curry.

The outcome was that I listened to music and looked for a way to contribute, settling on adding drums to Sunil Santha's 'Don Don Don Dontha'.

naviarhaiku208 – Considering the years gone by

Marco at Naviar Records describes the haiku shared this week as "more abstract than usual, but I think it’s a perfect conclusion for this year"

When I began contemplating the words, I imagined surveying the landscape of my own haiku. I reviewed those written each day this year and imagined striding through the results like a giant.

"In Giant Steps" is a dash through the prose I've written this year. It's the first spoken word response I've recorded for Naviar in a while.

Are you single?

I'm a box set with previously unreleased tracks

Disquiet Junto 0314 Ice in a glass

"Record the sound of ice in a glass and make something of it" is traditionally the first Junto each year.

I think this is the seventh time I've followed these instructions and it's still challenging to make music from this material.

Ice in a glass becomes kinda abrasive quickly when listening to short loops over and over again. Those high-pitched transients are sharp even when unbroken.

Naviarhaiku207 – the woman

The haiku this week led me to think about foggy beaches at low tide.

My original inspiration was a sea shanty after reading about shipwrecks, then I MIDI'd the chord progression and brought the shanty in to Live.

In my name