Disquiet Junto 0576 Casual Resolution

The Junto prompt this week felt like one of those moments when a significant other asks what you're thinking about it and your mind goes blank.

Does that happen to you?

As it happens I've been plugging in an effects chain that I like to use with guitar.

This seems to happen around this time every year and, when I go back over Junto projects, I can see I've used these effects at this time previously.

Some people relax over summer by putting together a jigsaw, I tighten bolts and move things between racks.

It's one of those cycles I can observe in my recordings, like switching between acoustic or electronic instruments or contact mics and synthesisers.

Anyway, usually I get an idea to change things and it inevitably stops working and I cannibalise bits during the year.

This year it stopped working very quickly because I tried a lot of things that didn't work.

I cursed myself a few times for breaking it before recording anything.

Then I realised the mixer was central to sound I wanted to hear, as well as which effects pedals were essential,

So now I've just recorded a short jam -- which starts to work best after a minute or so.

My resolution is to keep the gated guitar effects rig running all year, even if I end up putting synthesisers and contact mics through it.