Disquiet Junto 0332 Lucky Numbers

The Junto this week asks how a string of numbers might inform a short musical composition and directs participants to research recent lottery results.

For a while I tried to find something musical in the Lotto numbers, experimenting with numbers of bars and equations to reveal time signatures or BPMs.

Then I decided to search for the numbers in my back-up files and selected the first video from the results for each.

This material was then remixed.

Many of the source files came from previous Junto projects, one is a television commercial that I didn't have any role in but ended up in my files because I contributed other videos to Bidgee Binge programs.

I wanted to get a different file but it was the only result and in the end provided a fat kick.

One highlight was hearing my partner ask "Is that Cliff Martinez?" while I was working on it.