Disquiet Junto 0168 Three of a Kind

For some reason it took a while to follow the Disquiet Junto instructions to make a single track with three different parallel lines this weekend. It might've been because I decided to use a slap and a moan as the sample material.

It's a sound I'm very fond of hearing and the percussive aspect appealed to me for rhythm. The moan from my partner and "oh yeah" from me also provided varying tones, although mostly the track is built around the slap.

The rhythm part was assembled on Friday night. It took a few drafts as I changed my mind and tried other samples but returned to the bum part.

On Saturday morning I started experimenting with an ambient foundational bed, which ended up working better as a bassline. By afternoon I was adding loops from our voices for a melody but it pretty much just went "yeah" and "oh yeah". The distortion on the bass obscures it.

I think it strayed a bit from the Junto instructions but I sorta like the result. It's hot. I'm biased though, I've been conditioned to respond to the sound of a slap on the bum.