Disquiet Junto 0280 20170514

The Disquiet Junto this week requests "please use new musical things to recreate some old musical thing."

The new musical thing is Shiver Me Timbers, which is the two-string upright that I bought last month (despite saying I wouldn't buy new musical equipment this year). It's been a lot of fun playing this fretless acoustic bass.

The old musical thing is Ice-T's 'Reckless', which came from the Breakin' soundtrack. The video above has the song with excerpts from the breakdance-themed film from 1984. I remember having a copy of the soundtrack on cassette and transcribed the lyrics for an English class activity in year seven.

Today I found a few notes that suited a slowed delivery of the lyrics, rehearsed a couple of times and recorded the vocal and bass. A Shure SM7 can be seen being used for my voice, while a Rode K2 is being used on the bass off-camera.