Memory of Nofi

At, Marc remembers Jeffrey Melton and it's interesting to me that this memory of Melton's passing arises as we re-approach the Trios Junto projects.

While 'communing with Nofi' in '13, I had the delightful experience of discovering a Junto participant had chosen to jam with my response.

Lee Rosevere's drumming alongside my bass was a rare thrill for a musician.

It was one of those moments where I heard my music elevated by someone more skilful.

So inspiring, even when I think back on it.

That was my first Junto Trio and, in hindsight, I can see it encourages that thing musicians need to do and is central to the Junto's objectives: listening to each other.

My other recollection from the 66th Junto is that I spent a while listening to Nofi’s recordings and appreciating the way Melton sampled.

Nofi’s jams often hung on a well-known riff, such as Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller', but he’d take a bar or so and build a scaffold around it.

The result was like a construction site, where you could see through the mesh hung on the fence and glimpse an outline of the landmark.