Disquiet Junto 0270 Just Duet

The Junto this week is a duet with a Junto from last week, which anticipated the duet.

The instruction directs respondents to generate a number for a track for duet. I got number 17 and, strangely, when I thought to refresh it appeared to remain 17. Then I tried a new browser and got 23.

Number 17 was Tay Ploops' U-key for dUet, which is good material for a duet. The ukulele recording really appealed to me, although I haven't recorded ukulele in weeks.

I tried to record my bass a couple of times before finally succeeding. I should try layering the other takes.

The distorted bass is a bit overpowering and I disregarded a couple of instructions, extending the outro of the original track with looping and switching between recordings in and out of the box.

P.S. -- Below is a version with just Tay Ploops' ukulele and my fretless bass, which better represents the former in the duet and adheres a bit closer to the Junto directions.