Disquiet Junto 152 Comet 67P Cover

Apparently the mysterious song of the Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has been floated as a likely subject of a Disquiet Junto project since it first was announced by the European Space Agency.

The project this week was to cover this song.

The comet recording suggested an Atari Punk Console, so I turned to my Dr. Blankenstein APC 2600. It's fun toy that I've had for a little while but not found reason to record.

The pitch adjustment on the APC 2600 didn't provide the right sound, leading me to use an Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing -- which is another fun toy that I haven't recorded. For reverb I grabbed the Biyang Tri Reverb I bought recently and also haven't used much. (Hmm, I can see a theme here.)

Once I'd recorded a take on these pedals, I used the volume and panning automation in Ableton Live to try better emulate the original recording.

Then I used EQ and compression to try and get even closer to the orginal. Finally, I added further reverb in the form of UAD's Dreamverb for a darker character and automated the distance effect.