Disquiet Junto 149 Pine Ave

Interesting Junto this week, involving a field recording in the left channel and a processed version in the right.

I experimented with recording at Waipukurau Park near my home on Friday night, before remembering that there was going to be lots of interesting sounds in town on Saturday morning.

This weekend is the annual Leeton Outback Band Spectacular with marching and concert bands converging (and tonight merging). The main street had no less than three musical acts performing as I walked a short lap along Pine Avenue, starting and ending at the landmark Roxy Theatre.

The processing for the right channel involved a couple of reverbs (Audio Damage's Eos and Valhalla's Shimmer) with Ableton Live's resonator effect using the 'Berlin' preset as a starting point.

This is my 75th Junto and 20th video.