Disquiet Junto 0216 Thin Layers

The Junto this week asked for an ambient layer to be added to a track from last week. My track builds on S.H.E.'s Tiny Rhythms, which develops wickedly and was an ideal length -- although I did edit it a little by adding fades at start and end.

I've taken the instruction literally and added a recording of the ambiance from where I was staying last weekend. It was early morning when I set my camera recording at a water trough on a hot day, knowing that a variety of birds and bugs would be visiting for a drink.

The idea of using magpies seemed appropriate too, as they're known for mimicking the calls of other birds. I think I've read that they sing back the songs of other birds at the end of the day, although I'm yet to recognise this in their singing. They're also known for attacking people during spring, which led to this entertaining video I made with my son Oscar.