circuit bent roland jv 1010 by spunkytoofers

circuit bent and used by seller for approximately 2 years.  item is a multitimbral synth.  due to the unit easily driven into distortion with bends the item is only recommended for single voice (polyphony is okay) instruments rather than full 16 channel mixes.  the variable results with the bends can lead to very imbalanced mixes and with only two outputs available i would only recommend this as a single timbral synth when circuit bent.  the item has occasionaly crashed on me and requires a power cycle in order to restore normal operation.  item has the spectrasonics sfx card permanently installed in the device.
the item will come with a power supply for north american countries only.
-36 point freely assignable patchbay via color wheel
-6 rotary knobs with 12 positions assigned to each
-6 color wheel knobs patches a rotary knob to one of three colors: RGB or off
-color wheels allow free matrixing of all knobs in up to 3 independant pairs of circuit bends or up to 6 stack of bends
-every point to bend has been addressed and available in the most complex interface while retaining ease of use and intuitiveness.
-binding posts suspend a contoured painted blue metallic duraplex interface for all modifications
-new memory battery installed

sound sample: