Disquiet Junto 0561 Samplelicker

This is one of those examples of pushing-back against the Junto instructions. 

I really love the prompts offered to this community, but it gets filtered through my own curmudgeon-like process.

I woke early this morning and wanted to do something brainless, so I put a rhythmic loop into the Samplebrain to see what would happen.

The drums in the Target position were recorded for a previous Junto and I exported a loop with video, since I mostly publish to Youtube at present. The audio and video were put together and exported from Ableton Live.

What you see starts with the loop in sync but, as I adjusted the mix in Samplebrain, it slips out of time and I’ve tried to represent visually something approximating the messy effects. I’m using Apple’s Motion software.

The blocks came from recent field recordings, since I concluded long ago that Freesound was too much effort. 

I have recordings of raindrops in a shed, as well as a variety of birdsongs from my residency at The Corridor Project last month.

Five two-second snippets were loaded into Samplebrain and I experimented with the ticks next to each filename, as well as the sliders on the panel.

What you hear is mostly a single take, although one channel seemed to abruptly halt and I put an earlier snippet in to fill the space near the end.

In Ableton Live I added some limiting and compression to smooth it out. Finally, you hear a reverb decay to close the piece.