Disquiet Junto 0515 Talking Cure

The Disquiet Junto prompt this week is to write a piece of music for a psychotherapist's office.

While I've never been in a psychotherapist's office, my impression is that it'd be good to have something ambient with enough variation to mask the possibility of hearing a voice from the next room.

Last weekend a swarm of bees arrived at the end of my driveway and I'd been looking for an opportunity to incorporate this recording into something.

I liked the idea that one might be eased out of the bustle of daily life by hearing something more bustling than human life.

As I listened to the looped bees I turned to the bowed vibraphone samples that are one of my favourite ambient instruments.

After exporting a two-minute version to loop, I realised it didn't work as seamlessly as I'd like.

So I went back and created this four-minute version, which was almost the limit of my bee recording.