Disquiet Junto 0311 Ceramic Notation

The Junto this week asks participants to interpret this photograph of a ceramics display as a graphic score.

Graphic scores are one of the ideas I've learned from the Disquiet Junto and at times they've led to some great tracks.

This week isn't one of those times but I've still enjoyed the process, particularly for producing something despite feeling lacklustre.

When I looked at the photo I decided the boxed items were notes an octave apart and those in-between were a fifth.

As there are 14 items I decided to make the time signature 7/8 but, while getting the notes in place, decided it sounded better 3/4.

This morning I settled on the key of C# and decided to use MIDI in Ableton Live to produce the track.

Originally I'd thought I might route hardware for the result but once I started adding distortion I knew I'd keep it in-the-box.

Which led to the challenge of producing a video and in this situation previously I've simply filmed the Spectrum effect to visualise the track.

For the video above I filmed Spectrum three times, coloured each take red or blue and layered them.