Disquiet Junto 0265 Kitchen Music

The Junto instruction to choose a kitchen shelf and use those sounds led me to ponder the shelf with electric coffee grinder, Aeropress and various glass vessels.

There was also the broken coffee grinder I used for percussion in this song

Then I remembered I'd wanted to record the glass bowls. Two of the three were sitting among the pile of dirty dishes on the stove.

Feels like there are more sounds to explore with these bowls. I also think there are more songs in the samples that were quickly recorded with my camera and microphone.

In Ableton Live I repitched the loops and gated then EQ'd with the reverb channel too. The parts are all of slightly varying lengths. I didn't notice the drift much but think I can hear it.

Finally I tried improvising a bass part, then opted to quickly record without video. During the recording I improvised that part near the end that runs ahead of the loops. Thought about recording a new part but ran out of time.

This oven and grill came with the house but doesn't work very well. One of the plates on the top will short-circuit the house, hence the song title.