Naviarhaiku125 - rhythmic woodpecker

When the Naviar haiku arrived last week, I was in Canberra enjoying Fiona Hall's exhibition. Then I had to make up for missing work by clocking hours on Friday and the weekend seemed a blur of domestic duties.

So it wasn't until Monday that I decided to try and write a song. The rhythmic quality of haiku would normally have sent me to my drums but I've had to pack those away so we can use the fireplace again.

I looked for woodpeckers on Youtube to get an idea of how they sound and was taken with their appearance. Then decided to experiment with a trap drumbeat, for no real reason except that I thought it might be interesting.

Then the chords I settled on were played through woodwind samples in Live to acknowledge the "woodland symphony" aspect of the poem.

I'm not completely happy with how the drums sit in the mix but am unable to give it any more time. One thing I wasn't sure about but is growing on me is the 4/6 measure of the loops, where it takes six bars rather than four to resolve.