Naviarhaiku118 - Over the meadow

The response to the Naviar Haiku this week seems different to my previous work.

There's a bit of a Radiohead vibe, I think.

When I started composing I decided to return to my four-string guitar, which hasn't been used since the ice in a glass Junto earlier this year.

I've been experimenting with the fourth string and recently settled on DDAE, after using DDAF#. This track also has some noodling on the 'Nashville' tuned guitar that I've used a bit lately, as well as a five-string bass.

The drums seem like they could work better for developing the dynamics of the track. In places the fills and opening of the high-hat is kinda arbitrary.

Anyway, it's an interesting result. The production could use a bit more work but I need to move on for now. I like how the string squeak in the opening arpeggio develops a kinda quack-like quality when compressed.