Naviarhaiku106 - Sunrays

Okay, back with an edit to both the blog and the recording.

After listening back I thought the sloppy guitar playing was too crap for the track. So I've tidied it up by making loops and arranging them into a better stucture, as well as treating one guitar part to Valhalla's Shimmer reverb.

And I've uploaded a video for the track 'Refill' here.

My Naviar Records' haiku-inspired recording this week came about because I've been jamming on a broken hand-cranked coffee grinder for weeks and looking for an opportunity to use it.

The poem this week didn't really grab me but the mention of sunlight reminded me how excited I am to get up to a cup of coffee in the morning. Ever since I bought an Aeropress I've been hopelessly addicted to drinking caffeine again after years of avoiding it.

Anyway, to record I jammed along with an old Solid Steel mix. First playing the drums, then the coffeegrinder, then a 'Nashville'-tuned guitar, and then bass. I feel like it needs something else, like running water or the drone of an airconditioner. Couldn't really decide what to add, so I left it awaiting that final element but I've really got to work on my guitar playing.