Disquiet Junto 0207 Remixing Marilli

The Disquiet Junto this week asked for a remix using three short samples from Michel Banabila.

To start I open Ableton Live and apply a gate to the samples. This lets me identify useful transients, which I like to find first as rhythm is usually my starting point. There were a couple of percussion sounds that stood out, then I added some bass parts as there wasn't a kick sound. The high hat sound comes from a preset in the effect Replicant.

Then I'll experiment with re-pitching short loops and see if I can create a chord change or melody that works over the rhythm. In this case I added reverb to get a more ambient sorta synth pad wash as well. Valhalla Shimmer is great.

At some point I'll record the loops onto the timeline and then automate the volume or effects to organise the sounds into a structure. You can see some shorter loops, which were re-pitched for variation. I also used Live's Utility effect to explore the stereo field of the M3 sample, which was then heavily reverbed.

Finally, I use a couple of bus tracks to compress the rhythm and add reverb. Then I add some more compression on the master and export. The track for this junto was completed in about four hours.

The title comes from Terry Pratchett.