My 100th Junto project

The Disquiet Junto is an "association for communal music/sound-making" with weekly projects that foster experimentation and learning.

Today I uploaded my 100th track that has resulted from Junto instructions, although that century is not reflected in being the 100th project. Because I submitted two tracks for a project earlier this year, I still have another project to complete before I reach 100.

I also feel a bit cheated on the century because I've stumbled on a couple of Junto projects. The first time I attempted a Junto I realised I'd misinterpreted the instructions and didn't submit my track. Another time I thought I drifted too far from the spirit of the project and didn't submit it. I'm not sure I'd feel that way these days because it's the tracks that fail that help me to learn my limits.

One thing I like about the Junto is having regular deadlines to develop work. My last couple of albums have been collected from these projects and many of my videos on Youtube too. See the playlist below for my Disquiet Junto videos.