Disquiet Junto Project 140 Solo Swap

So I've done this Junto and the one I'm covering arse-about.

This week the project was meant to be a cover of a recent track. As I looked over my tracks and considered a cover, I settled on the soundtrack for Josh Azzarella's video. The thing is it was a chord progression I'd developed for a song I hadn't recorded, so I decided to record it.

The lyrics were written a while ago. I forget when but they were some lines that came to me while driving. I've written a few songs this way, drafting ideas into poetry that becomes a song when I find the music.

The theme is intuition, although it's written in a way to keep the meaning open for other interpretations. The line about 'headlights behind a crest' has been looking for a home for more than a decade. Often I write sentimental songs about masturbation fantasies and stuff, but with this song I was trying to explore something different. Not sure the apple fell so far from the tree though.

A month or so ago I settled on the chord progression and remembered these lyrics. I experimented with phrasing and bashed it out on the acoustic guitar a few times. Then I used MIDI to record the version for the previous Junto and ran it through VSTs.

This version was recorded on my semi-acoustic, which doesn't hold tune as nicely as my acoustic but there was too much background noise today to record it on that guitar. In fact, if you listen carefully you might hear kids yelling during the vocals sung by my partner Jo. Or a hum of a lawnmower.

I'm not sure it works. The pace feels slow and the instrumentation a bit yawn, as well as flat in places. I really should've recorded the bass after the lyrics as it's needlessly busy in places. Anyway, it's a good draft for now I guess.