Disquiet Junto 122 8bit Undead ET

The Junto this week was to "create music for a fake movie whose plot is 'Poltergeist meets Wreck-It Ralph.'"

A quick google and I soon realised I liked the music to the former more than the latter. The Poltergeist theme is lovely and not what you'd expect from a horror movie.

The more I played my guitar and experimented with ideas the more I wanted to record a mellower track. I settled on a few chords and worked to try and make them more interesting.

Once the notes were settled I entered them as MIDI into Ableton Live with a view to playing it through my cheap synths but this didn't really work. A lot of notes were missed and there were a few other technical issues. So I used the instruments in Ableton Live and then tried to make them sound nicer with reverb and equalisers.

The title ET Cemetary is a play on Stephen King's Pet Semetary and acknowledges the Atari video game burial that inspired the Junto this week.