Disquiet Junto 3D

This week's Disquiet Junto asked for an exploration of spatial effects:
Your track will last one minute and thirty seconds. For the first 30 seconds, the drone and the beat will remain consistent, but the melodic fragment will move around in 3D. For the second 30 seconds, only the beat will move around, and for the final 30 seconds, only the drone will move around.
Recently I've enthused about the Junto for providing a sound education and this exercise encouraged me to try new processes as well as providing an opportunity to use new effects.

The title of my track refers to the national election being held today in Australia. I haven't been in to vote yet and the polls are saying that the conservatives will win the lower house but hopefully not the upper too.

My melodic fragment is a section of a bassline from an old song, Wandered. This morning I recorded the bass and the opening guitar chord, which became the drone using the infinite button in Audio Damage's Eos reverb. The beat was quickly assembled in Ableton Live using their percussion kit.

You can hear the bass come panning in from the right and into focus by automating the wet/dry ratio on the reverb. The percussion goes the opposite way, becoming wetter but also gaining stereo separation with Live's utility on the 'difference' preset -- which I think is mid/side processing.

And, finally, the drone goes out to the right while being pushed around by a pan effect and gaining reverb. It was difficult to get much sense of movement with this part, since there weren't any transients to colour with reverb.