Redacted Disquiet Junto

  Disquiet Junto this week is an open-ended exploration of surveillance and graphic notation.

The image presented is page 8 of recently declassified documents related to NSA collection of telephone metadata records.

It's became the musical score for this piece I recorded using a Casiotone MT-36 circuit bent by Frankenmusik, a kick drum and my voice.

I considered recording this interpretation in the opposite direction to the score as a form of protest to the widespread surveillance being reported since Edward Snowden's brave decision.

The Junto is an opportunity for me to try something different so I decided to record live because I liked the idea of events happening in real-tiem being recorded. Then I cast my mind about for suitable instruments.

It had to be something quick and dirty, the score was rough and black but the content was human. So there needed to be a vocal and the time signature was suggested by the page number, although I wasn't too strict once it started.

I like the sound like a dot matrix printer, it's dated but seems apt for a government record.