Oceandrift out now

Oceandrift is an interesting collaboration I've been involved with through the Ninja Tune forum.

About a year ago Kelp put forward this idea to develop a project where people remixed the previous track, so it would chart a daisy chain as producers picked apart and reassembled sounds and added new elements.

When I remixed my section last year it was the first remix I'd done in ages and, aside from being philosophical about my role, it was a bug that bit me and I started developing my project to remix parks and playgrounds in Leeton -- which will be out next month.

Over the years the Ninja Tune forum has seen a variety of these types of remix compilations, from seven-minute mixes of selected artists to remix competitions where the winner would offer a track and judge the responses (actually, this was about a decade ago and I wish there were more of them) to another one where people got the previous bar and created a four-bar contribution, which overlapped with the last bar and you passed your last bar along to the next producer.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to listening to the result of this remix project now the compilation is online. The Oceandrift is now adrift! Kelp paid to have the whole thing mastered and, judging by what I've heard of my track, the engineer did a great job. So please, have a listen and consider making a financial contribution.

And you can hear a bit of my track in this video too :)

Or hear clips from the Ocean Drift album via the following.