In the corpse's embrace

This is kind of tenuous but it spins me out a bit that a song I wrote inspired by a project planned for an event in 2003 ended up sounding a bit like an album I heard in 2009 that was recorded by a guy who appeared at the event six years earlier.

Let me explain.

In my previous post I mentioned Oren Ambarchi, I'm a big fan of his album In The Pendulum's Embrace -- although sometimes the compression on the bass upsets my tummy.

Oren's album reminds me of a tune I wrote in 2003 called Stripped Corpse, a fairly experimental sorta track compared to the dance music direction of the rest of the SHAKES album.

In 2003 I first heard about Oren from people in the Wagga Space Program and saw his talk at their Unsound Festival on the DVD thanks to Scott :)

Stripped Corpse had been inspired by a Space Program project based on the Exquisite Corpse parlour game invented by André Breton and the Surrealists in the 1920s.

When I recorded the track in Ableton Live I was literally thinking 'If I'd contributed a track to this Unsound CD, what sort of track would it be?' The tempo change through the piece came about later though because I wanted to use it to link Mumblesings and Slumber on the album.